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Newborn Device Solutions

We offer a variety of products.

You can see some models we offer below. 


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B3 Neonatal Incubator

The world's first incubator with therapeutic functions

  • Premature babies often have irregular breathing due to the immature development of their respiratory center. In severe cases, they even have repeated apneas, which is common in newborns. If not treated in time, prolonged oxygen deprivation can lead to brain damage, which has a great impact on the intellectual development of newborns, and in severe cases can cause neonatal death.


B6/B8 Neonatal Incubator

Variable resistive heating technology

  • Adopt the resistive double heating tube, double fin radiator, and temperature control system to work in time-sharing, which realizes fast heating speed, shortened heating time and small temperature fluctuations to create a stable and warm environment for infants.

 Air circulation system

  • Symmetrical double air inlet and double air outlet design Uniform temperature and humidity inside the incubator



Infant Bassinet

BC-107 Infant Bassinet is safer for sleep, easier to care.

With height and tilting adjustment,BC-107 can provide easier access to the infant care, like bottle feeding, diaper changes and blood tests without removing the baby.

The waterproof mattress has passed strict biocompatibility test, ensuring the baby's safety and comfort.

Safe and durable

The structure is stable and reliable. Even it is tilted to the maximum angle of 12, stable structure protects bassinet bed from falling.

The lifting/tilting lifespan is above the industry average, which means longer stability and safer operation.

Skin-friendly and comfortable

Suitable for newborns and babies aged 0-5 months (or less than 70cm in length). The bassinet bed is made of ABS Eco-friendly material, waterproof and breathable, allowing your baby to grow up with peace of mind. Two types of mattress are available to choose. The mattress with waterproof cover is in compliance with biocompatibility standard.

Strong and trustworthy

To protect baby ‘s safety, we use high-quality carbon steel for the bed frame, which is strong and deformation-resistance.



BL70 Infant Phototherapy Equipment

High-intensity Phototherapy Efficient Jaundice Treatment

According to statistics, clinically 80% of pre-term and 60% of full-term infants are at risk of hyperbilirubinemia.

BL70 Infant Phototherapy Equipment helps cure jaundice safely and efficiently with superior technology and high-performance phototherapy.


High-intensity irradiance

  • Equipped with high-intensity LED cold light source, with less heat production, BL70 supports long-time treatment.

  • With the maximal irradiance level of 63μW/cm²/nm, BL70 enhances the bilirubin breakdown ability and shortens the treatment time.

  • With five levels irradiance adjustment, BL70 allows treatment tailored to each patient’s needs.

Optimal wavelength

The wavelength of the spectrum is 430 - 490 nm and has been shown by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to be the most effective in reducing unconjugated bilirubin; it also does not contain near-UV wavelengths that are harmful to the skin. These made it very suitable for the treatment of neonatal jaundice.


BQ80 Infant Radiant Warmer

New Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Platform

This is by far the most powerful 4 in1 neonatal nursing platform. The BQ80 integrates four key rescue and nursing systems to achieve one-stop operation and management. 

Timely Monitoring

BQ80 integrates specialized neonatal monitoring system. It can monitor the vital signs and waveforms of newborns in real time during resuscitation without additional patient monitor, so that medical staff can evaluate and decide if the resuscitation measures are effective.

Specialized Neonatal Monitoring System

Includes specialized ExNeo neonatal ECG technology, Adap- DSP self-adaptive blood pressure processing technology, Masimo SET neonatal blood oxygen technology, patented neonatal apnea self-rescue technology, and equipped with specialized neonatal accessories that have passed the biocompatibility test


P3/P6 Temperature control system

State of the Art
Temperature Control

More than just Cooling


Hypothermia for HIE

Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is a brain injury disease with a high mortality rate. Therapeutic Hypothermia is regarded as a core treatment for HIE as it helps by maintaining a lower core temperature in newborns for up to 72 hours, effectively lowering mortality by slowing down apoptotic processes and reducing oxygen dependence in the brain.
Traditional hypothermia treatment relies heavily on the use of manual cooling and rewarming methods such as ice packs, in which temperature control is not only inaccurate, but also leaves much room for human error. The current trend in the treatment of HIE has shifted heavily towards Precise Temperature Control by means of cooling devices that provide caregivers with Streamlined Procedures throughout the entire treatment process, hence, the P6.

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