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Respiratory Care Devices

We offer a variety of products.

You can see some models we offer below. 


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  1. ​The product with all functions for non-invasive respiration care

  2. The product with the 3-in-1 mode (high-flow respiration care, CPAP, and non-invasive ventilation)

  3. Caring all respiratory patients except invasive ventilation case. Easily caring patients in accordance with their conditions only by changing applications and operation modes

  4. Intuitive and user-friendly UI

  5. The product that enables non-invasive care, humidification, heating, FiO2 setup, and check of respiration rate, pulse rate, and SpO2 at the same time

  6. Supplying stable and a certain amount of oxygen through the electrical oxygen blending technology

  7. Rapid response to patients’ conditions by monitoring their respiration rate, SpO2, and S/F Ratio

  8. Easily building the breathing circuit of a patient and applications

  9. Remote monitoring of patients by linking with the central monitoring system

  1. The product with all functions required for High Flow therapy

  2. Patient care is possible with simple application change according to the patient's condition

  3. The product capable of High-Flow, humidification / heating, FiO2 setting, respiratory rate, pulse rate & SpO2 measurement simultaneously

  4. Through the electric oxygen blending technology, it is possible to supply stable and constant oxygen as much as the set value

  5. By monitoring the patient's respiratory rate and SpO2 and S / F Ratio, it is possible to respond quickly to changes in the patient's condition

  6. In conjunction with the Central Monitoring System, the patient's condition can be monitored remotely

High Flow Heated
Respiratory Humidifier

Simple and practical

  • Ultra- Large touch screen: NF3/NF5 is equipped with a 4.3- inch touch screen, which allows easy and quick operation by touch and navigation knob.

  • Electronic Air- O2 mixer system: easy to set up flow rate and O2 concentration.

  • Intuitive UI design: large font, easy for caregiver to operate and observe.

Safe & comfortable

  • Multi- position temp monitoring: NF3/NF5 is equipped with 3 temp sensors, which enable real-time temp monitoring, synchronized closed- loop feedback, joint high temp alarm, smart water level management and over- temp protection function to ensure safer heating.

  • High- performance nasal cannula: ergonomic design, soft and comfortable, free of constriction.

  • Ultra- quiet design: The ultra- quiet turbine significantly reduces noise, provides a quiet O2 therapy environment, reduces irritability.

Efficient and precise

  • One-touch O2 flush

Rapidly increase the O2 concentration, increase the patient's O2 reserve, and facilitate sputum suction, bronchoscopy, intubation and other nursing cares.

  • High precision O2 concentration control

Adopts high-precision electronic air-O2 mixer system and precise O2 concentration monitoring module. Realizes accurate control and real-time monitoring of O2 concentration

  • Smart temp and humidity control

Through smart temp and humidity monitoring and closed-loop feedback mechanism, NF3/NF5 provides patients with accurate high-flow O2 therapy close to the natural body temp (37℃) and 100% relative humidity (44mg/L), optimizes mucus and cilia function.

Wide range of application

The 2- 80L/min wide range flow control can effectively flush the dead space (physiology), avoid CO2 retention, meet the treatment requirement of both infants and adults, clinically suitable for patients at different ages.

  • Therapeutic range for infants and children: 2~30L/min

  • Therapeutic range for adults: 10~80L/min

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